Ambassador Program

Members who refer other members to your Mighty Network are called Ambassadors. You can switch on the Ambassador Program when you upgrade your Mighty Network to Mighty Brand or Mighty Business.

Then, enable the Ambassador Program in your Mighty Network from Network Settings > Premium Features > Ambassadors.

Once you enable Ambassadors, a few things will happen:

  • You have the option to send an announcement about the program out to your current members who don't yet know about it
  • New members will automatically get an email encouraging them to refer new members to become Ambassadors
  • An Ambassador ad will appear on your network's activity feed and in every member's profile
  • Members will automatically have access to their own personalized referral link that they can access anytime from their Invite page on the web or from their profile in the mobile app
  • As a Host, you will also be able to see and track your Ambassadors from your Members page


There are three levels of Ambassadors:

  • Bronze Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 2 total members
  • Silver Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 10 total members
  • Gold Ambassadors are members who have referred at least 25 total members

When a member achieves a new Ambassador level, they will get a notification and they can see their status on their profile.

Right now there isn’t a way to rename these Ambassador levels or add additional ones.

Adding custom rewards for Ambassadors

Providing incentives for inviting in new members (like a discount code, free swag or access to an exclusive meetup) is an easy way to inspire your members to take action.

Enabling rewards is optional and you can do so right from your Ambassadors page in Network Settings.


Here are a few examples of how our Hosts are using rewards to motivate their Ambassadors:

  • Level up to receive a discount code for 10% off in our online shop.
  • Level up to receive a free tote bag branded with our community logo.
  • Level up to receive a place as our featured member of the month.
  • Level up to receive a complimentary ticket to our next event.

Once a member reaches a new level, you have the opportunity to share specific instructions for how to redeem the reward. This is the perfect place to congratulate them on becoming a valued Ambassador for your community. Here are a few examples:

  • You’re now a Silver Ambassador! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy 10% off in our online store using this discount code: XYZ
  • Thank you for helping us spread the word! One of our Hosts will be sending you a chat soon so that we can get your information and send you a free t-shirt.
  • You rock. And to say thank you, we want to feature you as our member of the month. A Host will reach out to you shortly to schedule your interview.
  • Congrats on referring 10 new members to our community! To say thank you, here is your early access code for our next event: XYZ

As a Host, you can update or disable rewards anytime. 

Turning off your Ambassador Program

You can turn off Ambassadors by navigating to Network Settings > Premium Features > Ambassadors and selecting to disable this feature.