What Are Member Categories in a Mighty Network?

Member Categories, available on The Community Plan or higher are a great way to connect your members around a shared interest, like profession, specialty, or role.

Enable Member Categories

To enable Member Categories, go to Network Settings > Premium Features > Member Categories, and toggle the feature “On.” Once you've enabled categories, you can set up which type of category that's most relevant to your members.

There are 18 options for Member Categories: Interest, Specialty, Company, Title, Profession, Role, Identity, Expertise, Discipline, Cause, Affiliation, Stage, Child's Age, Start Month, Condition, Diagnosis, Spectrum, and Industry; Members may choose one Member Category.

Each Member Category has a different prompt:

  • Interest: “Meet members with the same primary interest by sharing yours”

  • Specialty: “Meet members with the same primary specialty by sharing yours”

  • Company: "Meet members from the same company by sharing yours"

  • Title: "Meet members with the same title by sharing yours"

  • Profession: “Meet members with the same primary profession by sharing what you do”

  • Role: “Meet members with the same primary role by sharing yours”

  • Identity: “Meet members with the same identity by sharing yours”

  • Expertise: “Meet members with the same primary expertise by sharing yours”

  • Discipline: “Meet members with the same primary discipline by sharing yours”

  • Cause: “Meet members interested in the same primary cause by sharing what you care about”

  • Affiliation: “Meet members with the same primary affiliation by sharing yours”

  • Stage: “Meet members who are at the same stage by sharing yours”

  • Child’s Age: “Meet members with children of the same age by sharing yours”

  • Start Month: “Meet members who started at the same time by sharing when you started”

  • Condition: “Meet members with the same condition by sharing yours”

  • Diagnosis: “Meet members with the same diagnosis by sharing yours”

  • Spectrum: “Meet members like you by sharing where you are on the spectrum”

  • Industry: “Meet members in the same industry by sharing yours”

Add a Custom Dropdown List

After you select your type of Member Category, you can add options for your members to choose from. For example, our own list in Mighty Community prompts members to add their Profession, so we’ve added:

  • Artist

  • Activist

  • Author

  • Brand Builder

  • Community Manager

  • Educator

  • Entrepreneur

  • Filmmaker

  • Marketing Leader

  • Musician

  • Not-for-Profit Leader

  • Online Business Owner

  • Social Impact Entrepreneur

  • Social Media Expert

  • YouTube Creator

  • Writer

As a member starts typing, they'll see your dropdown options. If none are relevant, they can add their own. 

When you switch the Category silo (the name of the Category e.g. Company), the old Category List options do not get deleted. In order to remove the old Category List options, you will need to manually remove the options in Member Category settings. 

See Members and Activity by Member Category

You can find the member category on your profiles inside of your Mighty Network.

When clicking on the member category, it will take you to a list of other’s with that same category

To find the list of all member categories in your Mighty Network, click “See other Interests”

If you would like to keep this list more accessible, you can use the url of this list page at YourNetworkURL]/segments (ie: “https://modern-creator-spaces.mn.co/segments”)

You can also use that link for one of your custom navigation links!

Updated September 2023

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