Cancel or Change Your Subscription

Hosts of Mighty Networks have the option to enable member subscriptions. If you want to be part of a Mighty Network that has an annual or monthly fee associated with joining, here's how it works.

Purchasing a Member Subscription

You will know a Mighty Network has a fee to join from the landing page, or when you open up the app and it prompts you pay first. For a network that has member subscriptions enabled, you’ll sign up, add your profile, then choose your plan before entering the network. Your new subscription will be processed securely through Stripe, our 3rd party payment processor.

Some networks may have a free trial available that lasts anywhere from 3 to 30 days, which will allow you to join for free and explore what the community has to offer. If you join a Mighty Network with a free trial, you will be asked to provide your billing information during the onboarding process. However, you won't be charged if you choose to leave the network before the free trial is up.

Keep in mind that right now you can only update your subscription or change your plan when you're logged into your community on the web.

Switching Plans

If your Host has set up a monthly plan and an annual plan, you can switch between the two. 

When you're logged in on the web, just navigate to Your Profile > Settings > Subscription.

Scroll down until you see the button that says Manage Your SubscriptionThen choose the option to Change Subscription. If you decide to switch plans, this change will show up right here on this page.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

You can cancel your member subscription and leave a Mighty Network anytime. To cancel, just log into your network on the web and go to Your Profile > Settings > Subscription

Scroll down until you see the button that says Manage Your Subscription. Then, choose the option to Change Subscription.

On the next page, you'll see an option to "Cancel your subscription" below the list of subscription plans your Host has made available. Click on that link and confirm that you do indeed want to cancel, and then your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period. 

If you have any questions about billing or need to request a refund, we recommend first contacting your Host directly, as they handle your subscription within Stripe. If you still have questions, feel free to send the Mighty Networks team a note.