Slack Integration

We love Slack. We use it here at Mighty Networks to communicate as a team and we wanted a way to stay up-to-date with a real-time, chronological feed of all the activity in each of the Mighty Networks we run ourselves.

While we may have built a Slack integration with the ability to monitor a Mighty Network in Slack just for us, you can use it too. Here’s how.

How to Create a Slack Channel for your Mighty Network

The option to add a Slack Integration to your Mighty Network is available to Hosts who have upgraded to Mighty Business.

Once you've updated your plan, go to Network Settings > Premium Features. Then, under Integrations choose Slack.

From here, just follow the prompts to set up a new Slack integration. If you don’t yet have your own Slack team set up, you’ll be prompted to create a Slack instance. After you’re signed into Slack, you’ll be prompted choose a Team and authorize the connection. 

Back on your Slack Integration page, you’ll see the name of the Slack channel listed. From here, you can edit what you call it or remove the integration.

Within your new Mighty Network's Slack channel, you'll start to see a real-time feed of all the activity happening in your Network. Make the most of it by inviting in your co-Hosts. 



By default, all members of the channel will receive a notification when one of your members adds a post or a comment, or when new members join your Network. You can also adjust which notifications you receive for that Slack Channel.