Set Up Member Subscriptions

As a Host, you can charge for membership to your Mighty Network when you upgrade to the Business Plan or Mighty Networks PRO. You can upgrade your Mighty Network anytime from Host Management > General Settings > Billing.

With member subscriptions turned on, you can set up a recurring membership fee that new members can purchase either monthly or annually. We do not yet support different levels of subscriptions for different types of members, but will do so in the future.

Free trials. If you want to give new members the ability to try out or explore your Network before they start paying the membership fee, you have the option to turn on a free trial that lasts anywhere from 3 days to 6 months. As the Host, you decide on the length. We recommend an optimal 14 days. 

"Always free" members. You can also invite members for free via the Invite page. Look for the checkbox to invite member for free underneath the Invite by Email option. This is not a free trial, and members invited with this option will never be charged. 


How to Enable Member Subscriptions

With member subscriptions, your members will be able purchase a subscription plan from you on the web, on the iOS app, or on the Android app.

To enable member subscriptions, first upgrade, then go to Host Management > Features > Member Subscriptions and follow the steps to enable subscriptions. 

Here's a quick overview of the key steps:

First, you'll set up an account with Stripe, our 3rd party payment processor. After setting up your Stripe account, you’ll come back to Member Subscriptions, where we’ll confirm that you’ve successfully connected your accounts.

Once you're successfully connected to Stripe, you’ll be prompted to set up a monthly plan and choose a price you want to charge your members each month for access to your Mighty Network. You can also choose to offer an annual plan. Typically, annual plans are priced at a slight discount compared to the monthly plan.


Approval of Plans by Apple

After you've set up your first subscription plans, Apple requires us (and therefore you) to get approval for your new member subscriptions. This process typically takes 7 days, so give yourself enough time.

Here's what happens in the review:

  • After you submit your plans the very first time, you won’t be able to edit them without resubmitting and starting the approval process over again. Therefore, it's a good idea to get this right. 
  • Once your plans are approved, you manually decide when to turn the member subscriptions feature on. We'll send you a message when your plans are ready, but so there are no surprises, we won’t automatically enable your subscriptions for you.
  • If you have plans that are pending approval, you’ll see this noted in Host Management > Features > Member Subscriptions.  

After Getting Approval, Manually Turn On Your Member Subscriptions

When you enable your approved member subscriptions, only new members will be prompted to pay when they join on the web, on the iOS app, or on the Android app

Existing members will not be prompted to pay. There isn't yet a way for existing members to be automatically charged once you've turned on subscriptions, but they can choose to begin paying the monthly or annual fee by changing their subscription on their own and adding a credit card to their account.

Two Important Notes on

First, you will need to set up a separate Stripe account for each Mighty Network for which you want to enable member subscriptions, so keep that in mind if you have more than one Mighty Network with subscriptions turned on.

Second, if you deactivate member subscriptions at any point and then decide to re-enable subscriptions again in the future, you’ll need to connect a new Stripe account when you set member subscriptions up a second time. You will not be able to use the same Stripe account that you used the first time you set up member subscriptions.