Customize Your Landing Page

In your Mighty Network, you have the option to create and customize your own landing page that offers a full summary of what members can expect when they join. On your landing page, you can add unlimited text, photos, embedded videos, and multiple sections of content.

How to Set Up Your Landing Page

If your Mighty Network is private or secret or if you have member subscriptions turned on, this page is automatically visible to anyone who visits your Network when they aren't logged in. If your Mighty Network is public and you want to add a landing page that new visitors will see, you just need to set one up!

To set up and customize your Mighty Network's landing page, go to Host Management > General Settings > Landing Page.


From there, after you enable your landing page you can click or tap on "Manage" to customize your page header, subtitle, background image, and the description copy that prospective members see.


Add Multiple Sections of Content

In the Description section, you have the ability to add unlimited text, photos, embedded videos, and multiple sections of content. Use the + button along the left of the description box to embed photos, add a video, or include a section divider. Highlight text to add special formatting.


We recommend using this section to share more about what members can expect to experience when they join. For example, you can include member testimonials, screenshots of the conversations and topics members are exploring in your Network, an FAQ section, or an embedded video that shows off why someone should join.

To preview your landing page before your changes are live, just use the Preview button along the bottom of this page.

After saving, your landing page will be visible to anyone who visits your Mighty Network on the web when they are not signed in.

To se an example of a customized landing page in a Mighty Network, check out CoCommercial. Or, have a look at a preview here: 


If you want to customize your landing page further, you can also set up a custom domain that points to your landing page.

If you ever want to remove your landing page, you first need to adjust your privacy options so that your Mighty Network is public. Then, return to Host Management > General Settings > Landing Page to disable your landing page.