Map a Domain to Your Landing Page

In your Mighty Network, you can choose to map your own domain name so that it points to your landing page

Mapping your own domain name to your Network's landing page is free and included with all of our Mighty Networks pricing plans. For the option to fully map all of the pages of your Network to your domain name and get the added benefits of SSL domain mapping, upgrade to the Business Plan or Mighty Networks PRO.

How to map your own domain name to your landing page

To use a domain that you own and point it to your landing page, you'll need follow a few simple steps from Host Management > General Settings > Domain in the Custom Domain tab after you select the option to use a custom domain.

1. Purchase your own domain if you haven't already. We support most domain providers, and GoDaddy and DNSimple are both good options. However, we do not support mapping domains that are registered with Cloudflare.

2. Add a CNAME record for your domain name and set it to be the URL that you see listed in bold (this will be your full Mighty Networks subdomain, like This step requires you to log into your domain provider's website and add a new CNAME record for that domain. When you're adding a new CNAME record, do not include the "www" prefix in front of your Mighty Networks subdomain when you set the CNAME. The process is different for every domain provider, but you can see the exact steps for doing this using GoDaddy or using Network Solutions.

3. After you've correctly set the CNAME alias for your domain, paste the domain you want to use in the form under step 3 when you're back on Custom Domain tab in your Mighty Network.




A DNS record (what you set up by adding a CNAME record in step 2) can take some time to become available. If we don’t accept your domain name the first time, wait up to 48 hours and try again.

The above process will map to your landing page. If you want to use without the www in front of it, that's a bit more work. To do this, you will need to set up an automatic redirect with your domain provider so that always points to Read the instructions for how to do this with GoDaddy or with Network Solutions.

Keep in mind that if you ever decide to change your custom domain, remember that changing your URL will cause links and bookmarks to your Mighty Network's landing page to no longer work.