Manage Sent Invites and Member Requests

You can invite new members to join your network anytime by going to Host Management from your main navigation menu in the upper right corner and tapping on the button that says Invite.


From the Invite page, you’ll see two ways to invite members in:

  • You can send an email invite with a personal message
  • You can share out your personal invite link anywhere — on social media, in your newsletter, etc.


If you have a private Mighty Network, keep in mind that the invite link you see on this page will allow anyone with the link to join your network without being approved first. In a secret Mighty Network, this share link won't be available.

The Invite by Email option enables you or your members to invite up to 25 people via email address per day. We have this limit in place to prevent spammers from going nuts and abusing our system. Send us a note if you would to increase your daily sending limit.

If you have a larger invite list, we also recommend using the Invite by Sharing a Link option. Copy and paste the link and share it out to your newsletter list or via a mass email. Then, anyone with the link can easily join.


Invite someone to join your paid network for free

In a paid Mighty Network — one where member subscriptions are turned on and a new member is required to pay before joining — the invite link or email invitation will bring a prospective member to the payment page before they are allowed to join your network.

However, you can always invite someone to join for free just by expanding the options right under the email invite box and checking the option that says "Invite this person to join for free."


Manage incoming requests to join your network

If your network is private or secret, members can request to join. To manage all the incoming requests (and approve or deny someone's request for an invite), go to Host Management > Members > Incoming Members.

From there, you can see a list of people who have requested to join and view a list of people who have received email invitations, but haven't yet joined.

Members who haven't yet joined your network will automatically get up to three email reminders, so there's no need to keep resending invites unless there is a particular reason they aren't receiving your invite. These invite reminders go out after 3, 10 and 30 days.

If you want to resend an invite manually or revoke an invitation, you can do so directly by finding the member in the list view, rolling over their name and selecting the option to Resend or Revoke their invitation.


Limit who can invite new members

If you want to limit members from inviting in new people — or sharing an invitation link out into the world — you can do this only if your network is set to be private or secret.

To adjust who is allowed to invite new members, go to Host Management > General Settings and scroll down until you see Privacy. For a private or secret network, you’ll see the option to choose between "Let all members invite" (the default) or "Only Hosts can invite."


When you choose "Only Hosts can invite," the invite page with the invitation link and invite by email option will only visible to you as a Host. Changing this setting will also remove invite access from any prior links that were shared out there in the world. Only the new link available to Hosts will be a valid invitation.


Add a member referral program to your Mighty Network 

As a Host, you also have the option to add a member referral program by enabling your Ambassador Program