Topics let you organize posts, polls, events, and conversations into categories that can be easily searched and retrieved in your Mighty Network.

Network Hosts have the ability to create individual Topics and they can give each Topic unique branding. As a Host, you can also drag and drop your Topics so they are displayed in a specific order for your members. Keep in mind when you're creating new Topics that they only become visible to your members when they include at least one post.

Set up Topics by going your Host Management > Content > Topics and selecting the option to "Create a Topic."


Once you've set up several Topics, you can drag and drop them into a specific order by selecting the option to Reorder Topics.


To edit a Topic, navigate to the Topic you want to edit, tap on the info link in the upper right corner and scroll down until you see the option to Manage Topic


Then, you can update that Topic's description, photo or color. When you assign a specific color to a Topic, that color will show up on polls and in the Topic tag on a post.


Limit some Topics so that only Hosts can contribute to that Topic

Each time you create a new Topic, you have the option to decide whether you only want Hosts to be able to contribute posts in that Topic, or if you want all members to have the option to add posts to that Topic.

To limit a Topic so that only Hosts can add posts to it, just change the default setting under "Who can contribute?" to Only Network Hosts.