Topics let you organize simple posts, articles, questions, polls, and events into categories that can be easily searched and filtered in your Mighty Network.

Members can also choose to follow individual Topics, which means they will automatically see all of the posts and conversations within that Topic when they view their personal feed. Members will also be automatically introduced to other members who follow the same Topics.

When a new member joins your Mighty Network, they will be prompted to follow the Topics that interest them. We recommend sticking to no more than 10-15 Topics to start when you're launching your Mighty Network, and being descriptive with how you name your Topics so that new members can quickly grasp the types of conversations and ideas that will be discussed.

Creating and Customizing Topics

Topics can be customized by any Host across the top level of your Mighty Network, and they can also be customized within each Group or Course that lives within your Mighty Network by the Group Host or the Course Host.

Each Topic can have its own branding and description, and you can reorder Topics so they are displayed in a particular order for your members when they visit the Topics area of your Mighty Network, or when Topics are displayed in the onboarding flow for new members.

Once Topics are enabled from your Network Settings, Group Settings, or Course Settings, you can create a new Topic from your Settings or by using the + button at the top of your activity feed.


You can manage Topics anytime by going to Network Settings > Content > Topics and selecting Manage. You can drag and drop Topics into a specific order by selecting the option to Reorder Topics.

To edit a Topic, navigate to the Topic you want to edit, tap on the info link in the upper right corner, and scroll down until you see the option to Manage Topic.

From there, you can update that Topic's description, the image associated with it, or the color you've assigned to that Topic. When you assign a specific color to a Topic, that color will show up on polls and in the Topic tag on a post.


How to Create Host Only Topics

Each time you create a new Topic, you have the option to decide whether you only want Hosts to be able to contribute posts in that Topic, or if you want all members to have the option to add posts to that Topic.

To limit a Topic so that only Hosts can add posts to it, just change the default setting under "Who Can Contribute?" to "Only Hosts and Moderators Can Contribute."

This is a fantastic option if you want to control the content that appears within a particular Topic—especially if you're organizing resources, important documents, or a collection of posts or articles that describe your business or your organization.