What Are Topics and How Do I Set Them Up in My Mighty Network?

Topics, available on all Plans let you organize Quick Posts, Articles, Questions, Polls, and Events into categories that can be easily searched and filtered in your Mighty Network. Today a post can only belong to one Topic at a time, however you can use hashtags (or multiple hashtags!) on any Quick Post, Article, chat or comment. To learn more about hashtags, check out What is a Quick Post and How Do I Create One in My Mighty Network?


Enable Topics

Topics are disabled by default. To enable Topics, go to Network Settings > Content  > Topics > toggle them on. Then, click Manage.

From there, you can create a new Topic right from your Network Settings. Or, you can use the + button at the top of your Mighty Network's activity feed.


Create and Customize Your Topics

You can create and organize Topics in your main Mighty Network, as well as in any Course or Group

Each Topic has its own branding, color, and description. You can reorder Topics how they appear on the Topics page at each level. 
You can create up to 200 Topics at the Network level, as well as within each individual Group or Course.

Manage Topics

Manage your Topics anytime by going to Network Settings > Content > Organization > Topics and selecting Manage. From here, you can drag and drop your Topics into a specific order by selecting the option to Reorder Topics.

You can also edit an individual Topic by selecting the three-dot menu from the full list view of your Topics, or clicking on the Manage button that you see in the upper right corner when you're viewing all of the posts within a particular Topic.


From there, you can update that particular Topic's description, the image (or GIF) associated with it, or the color you've assigned to that Topic.

When you assign a color to a Topic, that color will show up on Polls and in the Topic tag on a post.

If you delete a Topic, any associated Posts will lose will the Topic's tag, but the Posts will not be deleted.

How to Create "Host Only" Topics

To limit a Topic so that only Hosts and Moderators can add posts to it, just change the default setting under "Who Can Contribute?" to "Only Hosts and Moderators Can Contribute."


This is an option if you want to control the content that appears within a Topic—especially when organizing important documents and downloads, or a collection of curated posts that describe your business or your organization. 

Follow or Hide Topics

By default, your members will see the highlights from each Topic. While the activity in your Mighty Network is ramping up, all members will see all posts in your main Mighty Network, regardless of the Topic. This ensures that Members get a sense of all Topics and the most popular activity before deciding to see everything or nothing from that Topic. 

To opt into seeing everything in a Topic, click the Follow button you see on the Topics page and the button will change to Following. Clicking the Following button will bring you back to the Highlights view of Topic.

To completely Hide a Topic and all the activity in that Topic, click on the 3 dot menu of the Topic (accessible from the Topics page) > Hide Topic.

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