Customize Your Theme

In your Mighty Network, you can customize the branding to reflect your identity, your business, or your brand. When you update the logo and theme colors in your network, that will be reflected across every aspect of your community, including the email notifications your members receive.

From Network Settings > General Settings > Branding, you can add a logo and a secondary image. 

For your logo, we recommend uploading an image with square dimensions that is at least 500px by 500px. 


Your secondary photo will display along with your Mighty Network description in the About section within the app or on the web that you can open up from the left navigation:


You can also choose your own colors for primary and secondary links. While we offer a few default color patterns that look great together and will be reflected in the design of the email notifications your members receive, you can also add your own custom colors by adding two HEX colors. Picular and this color picker are two of our favorites, if you're looking for inspiration.


Keep in mind that if you choose a custom theme, this will be visible everywhere across your network when members log in. However, in your email notifications we'll default to our simple theme colors with your custom logo and information included.