How Do I Post in a Mighty Network?

If your Host has enabled these options for members in your Mighty Network, creating quick posts, polls, questions and articles are all effective ways to kick off new conversations and share your experiences with other members.

How to Create a Question or Poll

When you're on the web, you can ask a question directly to everyone in the network by clicking on the + button inside of the box at the top of the feed and selecting the option to add a poll. From here, you can choose to ask a simple question or make your question a Multiple Choice poll, a Percentage Poll, or a Hot Cold poll.


To ask a question from the mobile app, just select the option "Ask a Question." Polls can be created on a web browser, iOS or Android. 

If Topics are enabled by the Host in your Mighty Network, each post, question, or poll added from this field can be tagged with a specific Topic. This post will then show up within that Topic and it will be surfaced to other members in the feed who are following that Topic. A post can only be assigned to one Topic at a time.


How to Create a Quick Post

To create a Quick Post, you can use the prompt at the top of the feed when you're logged in on the web:


Or, you can open up the Mighty Networks iOS or Android app and add a Quick Post using the + button along the bottom menu.


When creating a Quick Post, you can add a single image, video, video link, embedded link, or file attachment.


If you want to add multiple images, videos, or file attachments, we suggest using an Article instead (keep scrolling to see exactly how to create an Article!).

If you're sharing a single image in a Quick Post, you have the option to add the text of your post so that it sits just below the image (like a caption) or on top of the image (so that it appears as a background image behind your text). 


To toggle between these options, just tap or click on the prompt in the corner that gives you the option to expand the image you're sharing as a background photo or collapse it so that it fits just above the text you're sharing.


Quick Post images display in either a 21:9 horizontal ratio or a 3:4 vertical ratio. Posting images with a 3:4 ratio is best if you want images to be saved as a background. If you're not using an image as a background, any normal size should work well because the image will display in the same shape as you upload it. Just keep in mind that if the image is really wide (like a panorama) or really long, some cropping will occur when you see the image in the main feed. However, we preserve and display the original image if you click or tap on it to view the full size. 

The other thing to keep in mind when you're creating a Quick Post is that there is limited text formatting available. If you want to add headers, bold text or italic text, or hyperlinked text, we recommend using the Article option instead. The character limit for a Quick Post is 20,000 characters.

How to Create an Article

If your Host has enabled the ability for members to create articles, this is another great way to share your insights and experiences with others.

To create a fully-formatted article on the web, just click on the + button at the top of your Mighty Network and select Article.


Articles in your Mighty Network are like rich blog posts. You can format text, add photos, upload videos, embed videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, add media embeds, include file attachments, and more. Then, you can add your finished Article to a Topic or to your Featured Section to keep everything organized for your members.

Within the post editor, you can add an unlimited number of photos, upload a video, embed videos that live on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, embed media, and add file attachments (individual files are limited to 25MB each).

Formatting Text

Highlight text you’ve written in the editor to adjust the formatting, add a header, or create links. These are the actions you can take to format text in Articles you create within your Mighty Network:

Choose from five different header options


Change text color and text background colors


Add underline and strikethrough options, as well as bold and italics


Format quotes to make them stand out


Adding Rich Media to an Article

Press enter to start a new line of text, and use the + button along the left to open up the options to add a photo, upload or embed a video, embed a media file hosted elsewhere, add a file attachment like a PDF, or include a section divider.


You can also embed rich media including audio tracks on Soundcloud, playlists on Spotify, a Typeform, and more. Here's the full list of media embeds we support today.

Add a New Line Under a Video or Photo

To add an extra line under a video or photo that you've added to an Article, just hover over the bottom of the item you want to add a new line under and click on the arrow that appears.

One important note on drafts: While you can always edit your own post after it has been published, updates made while editing an already published post will not be auto-saved in drafts.

How to Add GIFs to a Quick Post, Comment, or Chat

Select the GIF icon and type in a keyword for the GIF you’re looking for! Whether you're adding a GIF to a Quick Post, Comment, or Chat, the path is the same: click the GIF button at the bottom-left of the module, then click the GIF you'd like to send.

Here’s an example of how to add a GIF to a Chat message:


How to Add GIFs to Articles

If you'd like to add a GIF to an Article, first make sure you have the GIF (as a .gif file) saved to your local computer or phone. Then, just choose the option to "add image." Wherever you would add a static image, you can also add a GIF as long as you have it saved first.

How to Add Emojis

Who doesn't love emojis? 😍 It's easy to add emojis on iOS and Android or desktop. 

Check it out! 👇


Learn more about how to create Polls, Questions, and Articles in your own Mighty Network here. 

Updated July 2022

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