Premium Analytics


Your Host Analytics Dashboard is a one-stop shop for seeing all of the data about members, posts, and activities in your Mighty Network.

Analytics help you make decisions. Your data can tell you who the top members are that you should be reaching out to, the types of posts and activities your members love the most, and the topics they are engaging around every day. 

Mighty Network Hosts can access a comprehensive analytics dashboard by upgrading to Mighty Business or Mighty Pro.

Here's a quick tour of how to use your Host Analytics.


Getting Started

You can access your analytics anytime from Network Settings > Premium Analytics when you're on the web.

From there, you'll be dropped into the Overview.

This is where you can find the most important data on your Network in one view, whether that's the total number of members you have or what days and times they're online. We designed this overview so that you can instantly make better decisions about who your top members are or when to post.

For example, in the square grid below, look for the darkest blues. This is when your members are online and they're looking to engage.

Below this, you can see at-a-glance how many members have joined over time and how fast your Network is growing.

As you move down, this is where you can get a snapshot of what's happened over the last 30 days in your Network.

See the number of active members and the number of new members who've joined in the last month, so that you can quickly understand what percentage of your membership base is brand new. 

You can also check out the number of returning members as a percentage of your active members.

Then, take it step further and see the total number of members who are contributing to your Network. 

The more contributing members you have, the more opportunities there are to bring your members back through notification loops. 

There is another super important number in this section, too: your member retention rate. This is the percent of active members who were active in the prior 30-day period.

In this example, that means that over a quarter of the members who are active this month were also active in a prior month. If your members are coming back, this means you're doing something right.

If you scroll further down, you'll get a quick view of the top members and posts in your Network. This is where you can start getting answers to questions like, "What are people talking about?" and "Who are the people that are contributing most to my Network?"


Post Activity Tab

To go deeper into how content is performing in your Network, scroll back up and select the Post Activity tab at the top of your Overview page.

This is where you can look at each post individually and get data at the most granular level — whether that be impressions and clicks, or even something more high level like votes, comments, and cheers.

Scroll down, and you can begin to see all kinds of data about each post in your Network. Here you'll see information about the author, how engaging it is for other members, and how many times the post has been viewed.

Use the dropdown menu at the top of this area to view only one post type if you want to narrow things down.

Click on a single post to see a breakdown of how and when people are engaging with an article, poll, question or event in your Network.

We've found that polls and questions will often get a *lot* of comments and engagement in a Network. People are eager to share their experiences and get feedback from their peers. 


Member Activity Tab

You can't have a Network without members. And your Member Activity tab is where you can learn more about who your members are and how they're interacting with others.

This tab is where you can see how active your members are, the kinds of interactions that are driving activity, and who your top members are that are contributing the most engagement and gaining the most followers.

Just like in the Post Activity tab, you can always customize the date range if you want to better understand when people are most active in your Network.

The data below will tell you who your most engaged members are during the selected time period, including how many times they visited, how many posts they added, and how many messages or chats they've sent.


That's it! You're now armed and ready to make better decisions in your Mighty Network.

Note: Times reported in Analytics are in UTC+0(GMT).