Can I Add Other Hosts and Moderators to My Mighty Network?

Absolutely, here's how to promote members to Hosts or Moderators in your Mighty Network!

The creator of a Mighty Network is the very first Network Host. As the Host, you can promote other members to either a Host or a Moderator role.

To do so, go to the “three dot” menu on a member’s profile page, or when you see them in the Members list. From there, hover over a member and click the three dot menu next to their name to change their role like this:


Inviting Network Hosts or Moderators Directly to Your Mighty Network

As a Network Host, you can also invite additional Network Hosts or Moderators directly into your Mighty Network by going to Network Settings > Invite and opening More Options at the bottom.

Then just select the role you want to assign that person when they join:


How Hosts and Moderators Appear in the Mighty Networks Apps

Within the Mighty Networks iOS and Android apps, Network Moderators will display as Hosts, and Course and Group Moderators will display as Members. We have plans in a future update to more clearly differentiate these roles in the mobile apps, but in the meantime, they should be properly visible and manageable via the web in your Mighty Network.


There are two types of administrators in your Mighty Network: Hosts and Moderators

Here’s how the admin roles break down.

Network Hosts

Network Hosts have full access to everything in Network Settings, including the ability to:

Network Moderators

Network Moderators are a more limited role focused on moderating members, content, and features.

These are the actions a Network Moderator can take:

  • Create Quick Posts, Articles, Polls & Questions, and Events if these features are enabled for Hosts and Moderators
  • Notify all members when adding a new Quick Post, Article, Question, Poll, or Event or using the Message All Members feature
  • Edit and delete comments and replies from other members
  • Remove or ban members, including fellow Network Moderators (but not Network Hosts)
  • Add and edit Topics
  • Turn on and off and manage all Premium Features within Network Settings (including Groups and Courses)
  • Approve requests to join
  • See and approve or decline requests to join in a private Mighty Network
  • Can view some dashboards on Mighty Insights
  • Send Network Invites, upload CSV, import contacts, invite members
  • View Sent Invites, see all sent invites (but with email addresses blocked out for invites you didn't send), send other people's invite reminders, revoke other people's invites.
  • Welcome new members
  • Schedule Posts

These are the actions a Network Moderator cannot take:

Network Hosts will always have any of the permissions that Network Moderators would have. With our Free Plan, you can have three Network Hosts. When you upgrade to The Community Plan or The Business Plan, you can add an unlimited number of Hosts and Moderators.

When you add Moderators, you can recruit a team to welcome new members, contribute posts, invite and encourage members, and drive regularly scheduled Events in your community that will make it thrive.

Group Hosts and Course Hosts

Groups can have Group Hosts or Group Moderators, and Courses can also have multiple levels of admins. Read more about how to manage a Group as a Group Host right here, and learn about how to handle Hosts, Moderators, and Instructors in a Course right here.

With groups enabled on The Community Plan or The Business Plan you can also separately assign Host and Moderator permission to a group space. This would give the permissions you see above but only in the group (so Group Hosts could not delete the entire network, for example). Please note: it will not give the Group Hosts access to income reports or plan information.

Note: for any content that you create in your Mighty Network (including Quick PostsArticlesEventsPolls, and Questions), only Network Moderators and Hosts can schedule the content to publish at a later date.

Updated July 2022

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