Add More Hosts

Once you've upgraded to our Community Builder or Business Plan, you can add an unlimited number of Co-Hosts in your Mighty Network.

To invite someone into your network as a Host (so that when they join they automatically have access to the Host Management features), go to Host Management > Invite. When you send them an email invite, make sure you also check the box that says "Invite these members as Hosts."


If you want to promote someone who is already a member to Host status, right now you can only do so on the web.

First, find their profile on the web (either in the member list view or by going directly to their profile page). Then, change their status by clicking on the three dot menu in the upper right corner.

From the member list, you can use the same three dot menu that you see along the right when you roll over their name.



Once you've updated someone's role and made them a Host, they have the same power as all other Hosts in your network, including the ability to:

  • Update general settings
  • Access Host Analytics
  • Delete or edit posts, polls and events created by all members
  • Delete member comments
  • Remove or ban members
  • Promote additional members to as Hosts