Can I Feature Content in My Mighty Network?

On both our Community and Business Plans, you can add a Featured Section to the top of the Global Feed or in a Space with the Feed feature enabled that all returning members will see on their visits. 
The Featured Sections are designed to function as the "Pinned Posts" of your Mighty Network. 

You can add one or more Articles, Quick Posts, Polls, Questions, Events, or Spaces to your Featured Sections. The Featured Section will appear at the top of the Feed every new day and be pushed down the feed as new activity happens throughout the day. It will appear at the top of the Activity Feed at the start of a new day. The ability to add content to featured sections is only available on web at this time. There is no limit to how much content can be added in the Featured Section and it will not appear in List View in a Feed.

Pin and Unpin Posts to the Featured Section

To add a post to your Featured Section, navigate directly to the post you want to feature when you're on the web. Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and follow the prompt that says "Add This To..."
From here, you'll see the option to add the post to your Featured Section. To remove a pinned post from your Featured Section, tap on the option to "Unpin" the post or uncheck the box.

Global Feed Featured Section

With the Global Feed, you can also feature Spaces in the Featured Section if they are public, private or paid. If the Space is private or paid, the content inside will not be visible to non-members of the Space. To feature a Space in the Global Feed, click on the three dot menu next to the Space > Add this To...

This is how Spaces will appear:

To manage the Featured Section in the Global Feed, select “See More” which will take you to the option to manage the Featured items in the Global Feed.

Featured Section in a Space

When you add a post to your Featured Section, it will show up by default at the front of the Section. To rearrange the order, go to Space Settings (gear icon) > Highlights > Featured Section: Manage

The Featured Section is a great feature for getting new and/or important activity to your returning members. We look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

Updated December 2022

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