Privacy Settings

Your Mighty Network has three different privacy options available. With Mighty Brand and Mighty Business, you can change the privacy level of your Mighty Network anytime by going to Network Settings > General Settings and scrolling down to the section called Privacy, Search, and Invites. Mighty Networks on our free Mighty Blog plan will always be Public.


Here's a quick overview of how each option works.

Anyone can see your Network, the members (including their profiles), and their posts. Also, anyone can join your Network. All posts and comments within your Network can also be easily shared out via a link.

Anyone can find your Network. However, only invited members can see posts, activity, and other members. If a link to your Network or a link to a post in your Network is shared out, only invited members will be able to see that link once they are signed in. People who are not members will need to request an invitation before they can join.

With this setting, only invited members can find your Network and see posts, activity, and other members. A secret Mighty Network cannot be discovered within Mighty Networks and there is no option for a prospective member to request an invitation to join from your landing page. Keep in mind that when you select to make it "Secret," your Mighty Network will also not be available via search in the Mighty Networks mobile app. You and your members will need to open up your Network from a direct link on the mobile web in order to sign in the very first time you log in.

You can adjust your privacy settings anytime by going to Network Settings > General Settings > Privacy, Search, and Invites

Privacy Settings with Member Subscriptions Enabled

If your Mighty Network has member subscriptions turned on, the privacy settings for your Network will be a bit different. 

In a Mighty Network with members subscriptions set up, everything within the Network is behind a paywall — including posts, events, member profiles, and member activity. Anyone can sign up for a free trial (if you have one enabled) or pay to join your Mighty Network, but they won't be able to access content or see the people in the Network until they've joined.

To learn more about how Member Subscriptions work in a Mighty Network, click here.