Can I Set Up Questions for My Members to Answer Before Purchasing?

Yes, you can! 

When setting up an External Paid Plan on web or mobile (for people who are not members of your Mighty Network), you can add Screening Questions and Approval from you as the Host.

This is only available for External Plans at the moment, but we will be expanding this to Internal Plans (Plans for your current members) in the near future.

You can add these questions and approvals to existing Plans by going to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans > clicking into the existing Plan and toggling to the Settings tab.


To create a Plan with these options, go to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and select the “+” icon.

From there, the first thing you'll be prompted to do is choose what’s included in the new Plan you're creating.

You will need to toggle on Network Access for it to be “Included” in order to use Screening Questions and Approvals, since it will need to be an External Paid Plan.

You can also choose to add Spaces to the Plan to create an External Bundle Plan which can include Network membership bundled together with access to one or more Spaces within your Mighty Network.

Here is what an External Bundle Plan setup looks like:

Next, you will fill in the name of the Plan, Sales Pitch, Benefits List and Description.

To learn more about these fields, you can check out How Do I Set Up Plans and Charge on Mighty Networks?  

The next page “Gates” will show you Screening Questions and Approval.

You can toggle each independently from the other, which means you can create a number of combinations:

  • Screening Questions only: The member would answer the questions and be allowed to purchase.
  • Approval only: The member would need approval in order to be allowed to purchase.
  • Screening Questions and Approval: The member would need to answer the questions and be approved in order to be allowed to purchase.

On the next page you can set up the Screening Questions. 

You can create up to five custom questions that potential members can answer before they are allowed to purchase.

For each question you create, you can decide if it's required or optional. Members will answer each question in a text field with a maximum of 500 characters. You will always need to have at least one required default question in place. The default question that we ask is, "Why do you want to join this community?" There isn't a way to turn off the required question and there is no way to download the questions or export the questions at this time.

Further down the page, you will set up the pricing for the Plan (it can also be free!), whether it is one-time payment, a subscription, what platforms you want the Plan to appear on and whether or not you want to add a Free Trial. To learn about all those options check out this article.

Next, you will select “Finish” and create the Plan. Make sure you toggle it to visible in the upper right corner so that members will be able to see it on your landing page. 

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to set up an External Plan with these features. 

How a Member Sees These Questions

When visiting your landing page, they will see the prompt to “Choose a Plan”.

The member will select the Plan and click (in this case) “Subscribe” which will prompt the member to create an account.

Once they have entered their name, email, and password they will be prompted to add a profile photo.

Next, they will be taken to a screen to answer the Screening Questions.

After submitting their questions, they will be able to return to edit them if need be.

If Approval is also selected then they will see this screen:

Once they have been approved by a Network Host, they will receive an email notification letting them know that they have been approved and that they can “Confirm Payment”. When they return, they will see that their status has changed and they can click “Confirm Payment” to finalize their payment.

They will next see the purchase page for the Plan:

If Screening Questions are enabled but Approval is not, after answering the questions members will be taken directly to the purchase page for the Plan (see above).

If Screening Questions are disabled but Approval is enabled, then the member will see the Pending Approval screen after they have created their account and added their profile photo.

Here is how it looks on mobile:

Creating an account:


Adding a profile photo:


Answering Screening Questions:


Waiting for Approval:


Access Confirmed:


The member will then be taken to the Plan to purchase.

If a member is invited to the Mighty Network from the invite page, they will need to go through Screening Questions and Approvals if they are enabled.

Managing Approvals and Answers

When a member submits the Screening Questions or is waiting for Approval to join your Mighty Network, you will receive an email and in-app notification. You can see individual member responses by going to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and select the Plan. From there, select the members tab to see answers and requests to join.

Please note that Requests for Approval do not have an expiration date. These requests will remain in the queue indefinitely until you take action by either approving or denying them.

In the email, you will see the member’s responses for the Screening Questions and you can Approve or Decline from the email. Selecting “View All Requests to Join” will take you to the member tab in the Plan settings. 

Clicking the in-app notification will take you to the members tab in the Plan settings.

Below is the members tab in the Plan settings. You can also get to it by going to Network Settings > Plans and Payments > Plans and clicking into the Plan.

You can filter the list below Last Active, Member Name and Date Created:

Additionally, you can filter by Status: 

  • Pending - Approval
  • Pending - Payment
  • Pending - Answers
  • Free Trial
  • Active 
  • Pending Move
  • Past Due 
  • Canceled

There is also one more available filter:

  • Have Answers
  • No Answers

If you need to search for a particular name, you can click into the search icon at the top of the list.

Here are the different payment and invite statuses:

  • Pending Answers: appears when the member has not filled out the questions
  • Pending Payment: appears when the member has not paid yet or the Host has not approved the answers yet
  • Approve: this appears when a request is still waiting on Host action for a Plan with Approval only (Screening Questions not enabled)
  • Request Declined : this appears when a request has been declined by the Host

If you "Decline," a member will receive an email that they have been declined and when they come back to the landing page. 

Updated June 2023


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