How Do I Cancel My Plan?

In order to cancel your current plan, you will need to downgrade your Mighty Network to our free plan, please log into your network and go to Network Settings > Your Plan.


From there, scroll down until you see the option to "Downgrade Your Plan" and click on that link. Please note that once you've canceled, you will still have all of your premium features until the end of your next billing date.

If you have any payment Plans, please be sure to deactivate them by going to Network Settings > Payments > Plans and selecting the three-dot menu next to each plan.


The Free Plan includes:

From here, you have two options to either Deactivate or Delete your Mighty Network. 

Deletion is a permanent option and there is no reversing this action or getting your content back in our system. 

If you would like to take that step, then check out the article here.

Deactivating a Mighty Network is an action our Customer Advocacy team can take in our system. It will show to your members that your Mighty Network is no longer accessible. You can come back at anytime to re-activate it. All your content will be retained. 

If you would like to choose this option, then reach out to our team at or through Host Help.

Updated April 2023

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