How Do I Change My Space From Paid to Public, Private, or Secret and Vice Versa?

Changing your Space's Privacy Setting from Public, Private, or Secret to Paid

Hosts are able to change a Space's privacy settings from Paid to public, private or secret. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon in the Space > Details > Privacy Setting. 

When you choose the new privacy setting, you will be met with the following pop up: 


Option 1 will take you through a series of steps that allows you to keep your current subscription payments. Upon choosing option 1 you will see the following pop up:


Follow the instructions in the pop-up. If the Space you're changing the privacy to is included in a bundle plan, then the members will continue to pay the same price for one less Space. You may want to add another Space to the bundle. If so, you can go to the bundle plan and select the three dot menu > Add to this Plan.

After you have decided on that, then click the box that says "I understand and want to change Space to Privacy Setting" and then "Change to Privacy Setting"

Option 2 will put a stop to all subscription payments from that Space. Existing members will be keep access to the Space on a new Free auto-generated plan. Upon choosing Option 2 you will see the following pop up:



Check the 'I understand' box and hit 'Change to Privacy Setting' to finalize your new privacy setting.

Changing your Space's Privacy Setting to Paid from Public, Private or Secret

If you decide that you want to charge for the Space, then the first step is to make an Internal Plan for the Space. This can be a single plan or bundled with other Spaces.

You will need to make the plan visible, and then will see the pop up below to confirm that would like to change your Space to Paid.


When you click "Make Paid" then you will see the pop up below letting you know that existing members will be moved to a Free auto-generated plan. 


All members will retain access to your Space and you will be able to find them on the new Free auto-generated plan in gear icon > Payments > Space Plans.

If you want to learn how to change you Mighty Network's privacy setting from paid to public, private or secret and vice versa, check out this article.

Updated March 2023

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