Zapier Integration

Our Zapier Integration is a premium feature included when you upgrade to Mighty Business. With the Zapier Integration set up, you can connect your Mighty Network to the other web applications you use to run your business or manage your community—making it a whole lot easier to keep track of members or manage content.

This article will break down the basics of how you can use Zapier most effectively in your Mighty Network.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that automates tasks between web apps. By connecting web apps through Zapier, you can eliminate the need to update multiple apps or services you use individually, and send notifications when important events in your apps occur. Zapier supports over a thousand web apps, including services like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and business solutions like Salesforce, MailChimp, Trello, and Stripe.

How does Zapier work?

Zapier makes connections between web apps with "Zaps." To create a Zap, you'll need two things:

  1. Trigger: These are events in a web app that start a Zap. Triggers can include anything from the receipt of an email, a new Twitter mention, or a new Post in your Mighty Network.
  2. Action: This is what happens once a Trigger occurs. You can create Actions that will automatically create an Article in your Mighty Network or send an SMS after a Trigger event happens. You can string together multiple Actions from a Trigger to create tasks across three or more apps.

You can read more about Zapier and how it works in the Getting Started with Zapier Guide.

How do I use Zapier with my Mighty Network?

First, make sure your Mighty Network has been upgraded to Mighty Business

Then, you'll need a Zapier account. You can create one for free right here.

Now you're ready to make your first Zap! Log into Zapier and click on "Create a Zap." You can use things that happen in your Mighty Network as a Trigger, or you can perform an Action in your Mighty Network once a Trigger in another web app occurs.

We support the following Triggers and Actions:

To connect your Mighty Network to Zapier, you'll need your Mighty Network's API key. This is available in Network Settings > Premium Features > Zapier Integration.

Copy and paste this key into Zapier's API Key field as pictured below:

Once you've defined a Trigger and an Action for your Zap, you'll be able to send out a test Zap to make sure everything's working correctly. The example below shows a test for a Mighty Network Simple Post Action.

One important note: The "Send Test" button will execute a live Action in your Mighty Network with test data, so you'll need to delete this content after the test has been complete. You can also choose to skip the test with the grey "Skip Test" button to the bottom left.

For more information about creating Zaps, you can visit Zapier's Help Center here.


How do I select which content will be posted to my Mighty Network?

When you're using a Zap to run an Action in your Mighty Network, you'll need to select the exact fields that will be pulled from your Trigger app.

To select a field, click on the Add Field icon in your Mighty Network Action, and select a field from the drop down menu. You can add multiple fields by repeating this process.

The screenshot below shows an example of how to select a field from a Google Calendar Trigger to create a Mighty Network Event. The available fields will vary by the Trigger web app selected and the Mighty Network Action selected.

How do I manage my Zaps?

You can see the Zaps you created within the Zapier Dashboard. Zaps with an    Tag are performed immediately after a Trigger event occurs. Other Zaps are triggered every five to fifteen minutes, depending on the Zapier plan you've selected.

Can you recommend a few Zaps to start off with?

With over a thousand web apps supported by Zapier, there is endless potential to create new and interesting Zaps that add valuable content to your Mighty Network, and make it easier to manage.

Here are a few of our favorite Zaps!

Create a New Event from your Google Calendar
This Zap eliminates the need for Mighty Network Hosts to manually copy events from Google Calendar into their Network, and keeps members informed about upcoming events.

  • Trigger: Google Calendar - New Event
  • Action: Mighty Network - Schedule Event

Create a New Post from Slack
Our Slack Integration is a great way to monitor your Mighty Network in Slack. However, it doesn't allow you to create new Posts. With Zapier, you can automatically create a new Post in your Mighty Network directly from a Slack Channel.

  • Trigger: Slack - New Message Posted to Channel
  • Action: Mighty Network - Create Content - Simple Post

Create a New Post from New Tweets
This is a valuable Zap if you love using Twitter. With this Zap, you can automatically create a new Post in your Mighty Network when you publish a new Tweet. This Zap also works in reverse, so you can create a Tweet every time you post in your Mighty Network.

  • Trigger: Twitter - My Tweet
  • Action: Mighty Network - Create Content - Simple Post

Automatically Post New Feeds in your Mighty Network
Zapier works with any RSS feed, including news alert services like Google Alerts. You can use this Zap to automatically post news from an RSS feed into your Mighty Network.

  • Trigger: Select RSS by Zapier - New Item in Feed
  • Action: Mighty Network - Create Content - Simple Post or Article

Invite Members to Your Mighty Network When They're Added to a MailChimp Email List
This Zap automatically invites members to join your Mighty Network once they've been added to your MailChimp list, so you can manage all of your contacts from a single service. This Zap also works in reverse, so you can automatically add a subscriber to a MailChimp list when a member joins your Mighty Network.

  • Trigger: MailChimp - New Subscriber
  • Action: Mighty Network - Invite Members

Translate News and Post It in Your Mighty Network
Don't forget that you can string multiple Actions together from a single Trigger. This means that you can create a Trigger to gather new content from an RSS feed, then create an Action that translates this content to a different language, then create another Action that posts the translated text in your Mighty Network.

  • Trigger: Select RSS by Zapier - New Item in Feed
  • Action 1: Translate by Zapier - Select language to be translated to
  • Action 2: Mighty Network - Create Simple Post

Need more resources or ideas to get you started? 

Check out the Getting Started with Zapier Guide or the Zapier Help Center for more in-depth resources that will help you quickly get up and running with Zapier.

And don't forget to join us in Mighty Hosts, where you can find resources for using Zapier with your Mighty Network including a list of our favorite Zaps and a guide for how to create an events calendar using Zapier.