Which Mighty Network Plan is Right For You?

When you create your own Mighty Network, you’ll start on a free 14-day trial of The Business Plan.

You’ll have access to all the features of the Business Plan — Courses, Groups, Chat, Livestreaming, Video Upload, and more during that time. 

Once your free trial ends (or before!) you can lock in those features and upgrade to The Community Plan or The Business Plan

Not sure which plan to choose? Here’s what you need to know. 

All of our plans are 100% ad-free, and include:



See a feature-by-feature comparison of our different pricing plans. 

The Community Plan is great if you want to take all of that and add:

  • Premium groups — these can be free, or you can charge for access to them. 
  • Chat
  • Native video upload to Articles and Quick Posts
  • Our built-in Polls & Questions feature, great for simple quick engagement
  • 5 hours of livestreaming per month, with up to 50 participants
  • Create and hold Events (online or in-person)
  • Mighty Insights — Analytics with an Overview of your Mighty Network’s activity 
  • 250 GB of storage
  • Add a custom domain

The Business Plan includes all of that and:

  • Courses — create and sell courses 
  • Download your member data — including their emails
  • API integration via Zapier
  • Up to 4 custom navigation links to connect your Mighty Network to your online shop, blog, or anywhere else
  • 20 hours of livestreaming per month and 200 participants 
  • 1 TB of storage and unlimited storage for Course videos
  • For any premium plan, if you want additional storage, livestreaming hours, of livestreaming participants you can layer on a monthly Engagement Boost. 

You can also purchase those Engagement Boosts from right inside your Mighty Network by going to Network Settings > Your Plan > Storage and Usage. To learn more, visit our help center article here

Interested in your own branded mobile apps? You can explore Mighty Pro to learn about how you can launch your Mighty Network with your own apps available on iOS and Android, under your own brand, in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many people can join my Mighty Network?

All Mighty Networks plans offer the ability to add an unlimited number of members.

Can I integrate a Mighty Network with my website and CRM?

Yes! With The Community Plan or The Business Plan, you can domain map your Mighty Network. With The Business Plan, you can also set up 4 custom links between your website and Mighty Network. 

Can I charge for membership, groups, and courses?

You can charge a one-time payment, or an annual or monthly subscription fee for access to your Mighty Network, a group, a course, or a bundle of groups and/or courses. Learn more about how to make money with a Mighty Network here.

If you do choose to use our payments feature, there is a small transaction fee that’s taken by Mighty Networks on every purchase. The fee for plans made on the Business Plan is 2%, Community Plan is 3%, and Free Trial is 5%. Our full documentation around how you get paid can be found here.

Can I charge in local currencies?

Yes, you can charge in over 100 local currencies.

Is a Mighty Network really free?

Absolutely! Your 14-day Free Trial is 100% free and there’s no credit card required. Plus, you can continue to use The Free Plan forever after your trial ends. 

Can I really offer online courses?

With The Business Plan, you can unlock the ability to create unlimited online courses, charge for them, and add integrations from Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, and more.

Can I offer multiple groups?

When you upgrade to The Community Plan, you unlock fantastic features like Groups, Questions and Polls, Events, and the ability to use your own domain name.

Do I need a separate web host for my Mighty Network?

Nope! Every Mighty Network includes secure hosting.

How long are your contracts?

No contract is required! We offer monthly plans that can be canceled or downgraded at any time.

Is there a discount if I purchase a whole year of service at one time?

Yes! When you purchase an annual plan, you get two months of service for free.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan anytime directly from within your Mighty Network. Just go to Network Settings > Your Plan.

Can I switch plans?

Of course! You can easily change plans directly from your Mighty Network when you go to Network Settings > Your Plan.

Where can I find more information on refunds for Network Plans?

Within our Mighty Networks Terms of Use, we state that:

i. If you as a Host terminate your Premium Service, we will not refund any payment for your unused Premium Service.

ii. If we terminate your Premium Service for violation of the terms of this Agreement or our policies, we will not refund any amount paid for unused Premium Service.


Updated July 2022


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