Ask People Questions Before They Join Your Mighty Network

If you have a private Mighty Network, you can customize up to five questions that you want new members to answer from your Landing Page before you approve them to join.

To set up the custom request access questions in your Mighty Network, you need to first upgrade to Mighty Business. Then, go to Network Settings > Premium Features > Customize Your Request to Join Form to set up your questions.

From here you can create up to five custom questions that potential members can answer before they submit a request to join your Mighty Network.

For each question you create, you can decide if it's required or optional. Members will answer each question in a text field with maximum 500 characters.

As the Host, you'll receive a notification when a potential member has filled out your questions and requested to join your Mighty Network.

If you ever want to review how all members have answered your custom request access questions, you can see a full export of answers in the second tab of the member export you can download anytime if you've upgraded to Mighty Business.