Group Features and Privacy Settings

Groups in your Mighty Network can have their own privacy settings, their own features, their own posts and events, their own Topics, and their own custom logo and theme color.

Group Privacy Settings

When you create a new Group, you'll be prompted to make it public, private, or secret.

A Public Group is visible to both members and visitors, and anyone can join. Private Groups are listed in your Mighty Network, but only invited members can join and see the activity inside. A Secret Group is hidden from everyone except invited members and Mighty Network Hosts.


If you want to update the privacy settings on a Group later, you can do so anytime by going directly to your Group, navigating to Group Settings, and selecting General Settings.


Features in a Group

Group Hosts can choose to enable the ability for members to add polls and questions, articles, or events to the Group. Each Group can also have unique Topics that are independent of the Topics that exist at the main Mighty Network level.

When you add a post or event in a Group, it will have a tag that indicates the name of the Group where that post lives. The tag will also indicate if the Group is private, which means that only Group members will see that post.

In your main Mighty Network personal feed, you'll see all activity from the Topics and people you follow, along with all activity in the Groups you belong to. Posts that are in Groups will have a tag on them that indicates the Group name and privacy level.

Groups can also have their own live chat events, where members of a Group can come together in real-time to chat on the web in a group chat area that's accessible from the messaging tab on the web, or from the live chat event link in the app.

"Pinning" a Welcome or Featured Section in a Group

Group Hosts can create a Welcome Section and a Featured Section in their Group, where they can "pin" or feature an unlimited number of posts for members to see in their Group's feed.

First, add the post, article, polls or questions to the Group. Then, go to the three dot menu for that activity and choose "Featured" or "Welcome." These sections work exactly the same in a Group as it does at the Mighty Network level. 

Customize the Design

Each Group can have its own custom logo, background photo, and theme color. The theme color appears in the top bar when you're viewing the Group on the web or in the mobile apps.

A Group Host can customize the design by going to Group Settings inside the Group and selecting General Settings.