How Do I Manage the Groups in My Mighty Network?

Groups can be utilized on The Community Plan and higher. 
Each Group Host has the power to manage that Group's settings, invite or approve new members, and customize the look and feel of the Group. However, a Group Host does not have access to the Network Settings for a Mighty Network (including sensitive information such as the member download or payment settings) as long as they are also not designated as a Network Host per the breakdown here.

How to Access Group Settings

You can access your Group Settings by navigating directly to your Group and then selecting Manage.



Here's a quick rundown of all the features available to a Group Host.

Invite and Manage Members

As the Group Host, you can invite members to your Group by navigating to Group Settings > Invite to Group when you're inside your Group.

Use the option to invite by email or via @ mention (to invite someone who is already a member of the main Mighty Network) if you want to send a personalized note. Or, you can scroll down to access your own custom share link that will enable anyone with the link to join your Group—no matter if your Group is public, private, or secret.


Note: Only Group Hosts who are Network Moderators/Network Hosts can use the Share link to invite members. This applies for Private, Paid, and Secret Networks since shareable links act as Network Invites for non-Members too.

If your Group is private, non-Members can request to join. To manage the list of invite requests, just go to your Group > Group Members and select on "Member Requests." From here, you choose to accept or ignore requests to join from individual Members.

To see a list of all Members in your Group, just navigate to Members from the left navigation.


To remove a member from your Group, you need to first make sure you are logged into your group on the web. From there, you can remove a member or change their role by selecting the three dot menu that you see along the right of each member's profile when you navigate to Group > Members and view the full list of members in your Group.


Welcome New Members to Your Group

You can instantly welcome all new members in your new Group by navigating to Group Settings > Group Members inside your Group and selecting the button that says "Welcome new members."

From there, you will see a prompt to Welcome Members. Tap or click on this button, and every new member who joined since the last time you welcomed all new members will receive a short email or mobile notification from you letting them know that you welcomed them to the Group.


Here's an example of what the email notification looks like when you welcome someone new to your Group:


Customize the Topics in Your Group

Within your Group, you have the option to create and customize Topics that are unique to that Group. Topics give you an easy way to organize simple posts, articles, questions, polls, and events into categories that can be easily searched and filtered in your Group.

To manage Topics in your Group, just navigate to Group Settings > Group Content > Topics (under Organization). From here, you can view and edit existing Topics, create a new Topic, or reorder Topics. 

Each Topic can have its own branding and description, and you can reorder Topics so they are displayed in a particular order for your members.


Turn On or Off Features

Group Hosts can choose to enable the ability for members to add polls and questionsarticles, or events to the Group.

If you want to toggle on or off any of these features in your Group, just go to Group Settings > Group Content.


Set Up a Featured Section or a Welcome Section in Your Group

As a Group Host you can set up a Featured Section or a Welcome Section that will display in the feed for your Group members to see.

The Welcome Section appears at the top of the feed for new members and can include an unlimited number of pinned posts, including polls, articles, questions, and events. 

The Featured Section appears in the feed for all Group members, and can also include an unlimited number of pinned posts, including polls, articles, questions, and events. 

Here is an example of how the Featured Section appears in a Group:


To add a post to your Group's Welcomed Section or Featured Section, you have to first log into your Group on the web. From there, you can use the prompts in the three dot menu next to each post or event in your Group to add that post to the section where you want it to be pinned.


To re-order the posts in each section, just navigate to Group Settings > Group Content in your Group and then click on "Manage" for the section you want to edit.

From there, you can drag and drop posts into a specific order if you want to change how they are displayed for your members.

Notify All Group Members When Adding a New Post or Event

As a Group Host, you have the power to send a notification to all members when you're adding a new post, poll, question, article, or event in your Group.

Before you publish a new post, you'll see an option pop up that prompts you to notify all Group members about your new post. If you select to notify all members about your post, they will get a short email or mobile notification (depending on their individual settings) about your new post, with a prompt to come back and view it.

Note that whoever creates and schedules the post won’t see a notification in their own mobile or email notifications when their post goes live.


You can also send a quick note to all members of your Group by going to Group Settings > Group Members and selecting the option to "Message all members."

Add a Co-Host to Your Group

If you want to add a Co-Host to help you manage your group, you need to first make sure you are logged into your group on the web. From there, you can change someone's role by rolling over the menu of options along the right when you are viewing the full list of members in your Group.


Customize the Design

Each Group can have its own custom logo, background photo, and theme color. The theme color appears in the top bar when you're viewing the Group on the web or in the mobile apps.

As the Group Host, you can customize the design by going to Group Settings inside the Group and selecting General Settings> Group Branding.




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