Can I Customize the Navigation in My Mighty Network?

If you're on the Community, Business or a Free Trial, you have the ability to add up to four custom links in the left-hand navigation of your community that point to an external or internal page you want to feature in your left-hand navigation. 

These custom navigation menu links will be visible to members on the web from your left-hand navigation and also within the Mighty Networks iOS and Android apps when members slide open the menu along the left. It's the perfect place to add links to your online store (especially if you use a service like Shopify!), links to a separate site you manage, or a Group or Course that you want to highlight.

How to Add a Custom Navigation Link

To add custom navigation links to your Mighty Network, just go to Network Settings > Premium Features and scroll down until you see Custom Navigation Link


From there, click on Manage and simply type in the title of the links you want to add and the URLs.



How the Custom Navigation Menu Link Appears for Your Members

Below is a preview of what the custom navigation menu links look like on the web in Mighty Community, our own community for creators and entrepreneurs who are leveling up their online businesses with a Mighty Network. For members who click on the custom navigation link on the web, the link will open up in a new tab.

In Mighty Community, we use a custom navigation link titled Contact Support 👉to point folks to an external page where they can contact our Customer Success team directly if they have technical questions about setting up their Mighty Network:


And here's what it looks like within the Mighty Networks app:


When your members are using the iOS or Android app on their phone, they can tap on these navigation links in your menu and they will open up the links in an in-app browser. Because of this, we recommend ensuring that the link you point to is a mobile-friendly website.

Updated July 2022


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