Add a Custom Navigation Link

The option to add a custom link to your navigation menu (the nine dot menu in your Mighty Network) is available to Hosts who have upgraded to the Business Plan or Mighty Networks PRO.

To add a custom navigation link, navigate to Host Management > Premium Features and scroll down until you see Navigation Link.

From there, simply type in the title of the link you want to add and the URL. After saving, your link will be visible to all members in the dropdown menu on the web and in both the iOS app and the Android app.


A few tips to keep in mind…

This custom menu item is the perfect place to add a link to your online store (especially if you use a service like Shopify) or a link to a separate site you manage.

When members who are using the iOS or Android app on their phone tap on this navigation link in your menu, it will open up the link in an in-app browser. Because of this, we recommend ensuring that the link you point to is a mobile-friendly website.

For members who click on the custom menu item on the web, the link will open up in a new tab.