Live Chat Events

Live chat events offer you the opportunity to host a scheduled, real-time event with your members right in your Mighty Network.

While there isn't video or audio, folks can share text, images, video links, and emojis in an All Member Chat area. You can turn on or off the All Member Chat area in Network Settings > Premium Features.

To organize a live chat, you'll want to first make sure that All Member Chat is enabled from Network Settings > Premium Features before the event starts. The all member chat area is turned on by default, but we have many Hosts who prefer to keep it off and only make it available during scheduled live chat events in their Mighty Network.


When it's time for a live chat event, members who have RSVP'd will receive an event reminder 30 minutes before it starts.


Save a transcript after a live chat event

When the live chat is over, Hosts have the option of saving a full transcript of the live chat as a post that members can reference later.

To save a transcript of the chat as a post, just use the prompt in the lower right corner of the All Member Chat window and select the time range that you want to save. This will create a new draft of an article with the entire live chat transcript available in the post. You can add your own title, images, and formatting to the text that appears above the live chat transcript. 

When you're ready to publish the draft of your live chat transcript post, just hit the Post button!