Can I Offer Discounts or Free Access to My Plans on Mighty Networks?

Yes, you can! You can set up a Free or discounted Plan to invite one or more members to a Paid Mighty Network or any Plan for free. 

To do so, please create a new Plan by visiting your Network Settings > Payments > Plans > Add a Plan.

Here, set the Plan to provide access to whichever Spaces you’d like to offer for free, or at a discount. You can read about how to create a Plan here.

Set the Plan to Free, if you’d like to provide access to one or more members free of charge. 


Alternatively, if you’d like to offer it at a discount, just enter the discounted amount you’d like to charge. 

Once you have finished creating your free or discounted Plan, it will be toggled to ‘Hidden’ by default. Keep it Hidden to ensure only those you’d like to provide discounted or free access to are able to receive this access.

Click the ‘Share’ tab on the Plan, and copy the link provided. Send this link to anyone you’d like to provide access to. 


You can disable this share link and create a new one at any point, just click the gear icon next to the link. 


Updated July 2022

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