Manage Your Subscription Plans

Once member subscriptions are enabled and you've added your first plan, you'll see options to view your plans and your subscribers when you go to Network Settings > Get Paid > Manage.

When you want to edit or change a subscription plan (or the free trial length associated with your plans), your changes first need to go through an approval process that typically lasts 2-3 days.

Once you submit your changes for approval, here’s what you can expect to happen:

  • After your changes are submitted, you won’t be able to edit again without resubmitting and starting the approval process over again. So, make sure everything is correct!
  • Because your subscription plans are available for members to purchase on the webon the iOS app, and on the Android app, all plans need to be approved by a team at Apple before they can go live. The approval process can take 2-3 business days.
  • Once your changes are approved, they will go live immediately and all new members will see the new pricing updates or free trial adjustments that you submitted.
  • For all subscriptions purchased through the iOS app, Apple takes 30% of subscription revenue. Read more about how you get paid and how the fee structures work.

If you have plans that are pending changes, you’ll see this noted in Network Settings > Get Paid. Once your new plans are approved, you’ll see a message there letting you know that your plans have been approved.

You’ll also see a hidden free plan listed. Every Mighty Network with member subscriptions has a free plan. This feature gives you and your other Hosts the option to invite in certain members for free when member subscriptions are enabled. 

Changing Plans for Members

To keep member subscriptions clear and simple for your prospective members, only one monthly and one annual plan can be visible at any given time.

Additionally, new plans only appear to new members joining your Mighty Network. The members who joined under older plans will still continue to pay the prior amount. 

If you need to move a member from one plan another plan, just go to Network Settings > Get Paid > Manage > Subscribers and find the member in your list. Tap or click on the three dot menu next to their name and select the option that says "Change Plan" to switch them to a different plan. 

One final note on changing plans: It's best to update your plans directly in your Mighty Network, as attempting to update your Stripe dashboard directly will only interrupt the connection between Stripe and Mighty Networks. We strongly recommend avoiding this. If you have questions about how to migrate members to new plans or change your plans in Stripe, please reach out to us directly and we’ll help you sort things out.