Can I Add a Logo to My Mighty Network That Links Back to My Other Website?

If you've upgraded to the Business Plan or higher, you have the ability to add a logo to the top header of your Mighty Network on the web that links back to an external website of your choice.

How to Add a Logo That Links to an External Website

To add a custom navigation link to your Mighty Network, just go to Network Settings > Navigation > Custom Links > External Link > Manage.

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Once this feature is enabled, you can upload the image you want to appear as the logo people click on, define the link you want people to go to, and define how you want that link to appear in the text members see when they hover a cursor over your logo.

When you upload a logo, we recommend that the image is a minimum of 280 pixels wide by 187 pixels high and that the image has a transparent background if it exists in a particular shape.

We also strongly suggest using an image that differs from your Mighty Network's logo, so that when the two logos appear side by side in the upper left corner of your network on the web, it's clear to your members what they are clicking on.

How the External Link Appears for Your Members

Below is an example of how this logo with an external link appears to members in a Mighty Network called Beyond Type 1, where those impacted by Type 1 diabetes can find support and connections. 

In this Mighty Network, the logo points to a "Donate" page that's connected to their main website:

Keep in mind that the logo you add with an external link will only be visible to members when they visit your Mighty Network on the web. It's not visible within the Mighty Networks iOS and Android apps, but you can use the custom navigation menu links to also point to an external website or page, and that link will be visible within the mobile apps.

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