Add a Logo that Links Back to Your Home Website

The option to add a second logo to your Mighty Network's header on the web that links back to your home website is available to Hosts who have upgraded to Mighty Business or Mighty Pro.

If you've selected one of these plans, you can turn on this feature in Network Settings > Premium Features > External Link.

Once this is enabled, you can upload the image you want to appear as the logo people click on, define the link you want people to go to, and define how you want that link to appear in the text members see when they roll over your logo.

When you upload a logo, we recommend that the image is a minimum of 280 pixels wide x 187 pixels high and that the image has a transparent background if it exists in a particular shape.

We also strongly suggest using an image that differs from your Mighty Network's logo, so that when the two logos appear side by side in the upper left corner of your Network on the web, it is clear to your members what they are clicking on.

Here's an example of how your Home Link will look:

When someone clicks on the logo that goes back to your home website, they will be immediately directed to your site within the same tab or window.

To keep things consistent, we also recommend having a link that points from your website back to your Mighty Network, so that your members can easily switch between both.