How Does All-Member Chat Work in a Mighty Network?

The All Member Chat feature, available on both the Community and Business Plan, allows Hosts to create a space to chat for all members of the Mighty Network, a Group, or a Course. You can also create a chat with up to 9 members.

To turn on All Member Chat: 

  • For a Mighty Network, navigate to Network Settings > Members > Member Communication.
  • For a Course or Group, navigate to General Settings within the Group or Course.


Once All Member Chat is turned on, the chat will appear at the bottom of the navigation menu and members can click on it to open the conversation.

You and your members won't receive mobile push or email notifications for messages sent from All Member Chat. This is because they can get noisy. However, you will receive in-app notifications for all messages sent. To learn more about what types of notifications you receive in your Mighty Network, check out this article



You'll also see your All Member Chat listed in the Direct Message dropdown in the upper right corner of your Mighty Network.


On iOS and Android mobile apps, the All Member Chat will appear in the chat list, which will open the conversation within the app. 


In the above image of the Mighty Networks mobile app, Modern Creator is the All Member Chat within the Mighty Network.

Here’s what to know about All Member Chat on your mobile app:

  • When an All Member Chat conversation is open in the mobile apps, avatars for all members of the conversation will show across the top of the conversation, ordered by who was most recently active in the Mighty Network, Course, or Group.  A green dot overlapping the avatar indicates the member is currently active in the Mighty Network, Course, or Group. Tapping or clicking on a member’s avatar will open your direct message conversation if you have messaged with them before. If not, it will open their profile.
  • When an All Member Chat conversation appears in the chat list, the avatar for the last member who sent a message will overlap the icon for the chat it corresponds to. 

  • When a new chat message has been added to an All Member Chat conversation, a notification will appear on the chat icon in the mobile apps. 

  • All Member Chat will show up at the top of the conversation list when it is turned on. This applies to All Member Chat for a Mighty Network, Groups, and Courses. It means that everyone in your network, or within a Group or Course, will instantly see All Member Chat and will be able to engage in the conversation right away. 
  • All member chat only appears at the top if it's the most recent message - as soon as there is another message that is more recent, it will no longer appear at the top.
  • Network Hosts are able to delete any messages inside of All Member Chat by selecting the "x" next to the chat message.
  • All Member Chat is perfect for scheduling Text Chat Events in your Mighty Network, where members can come together in real-time for a Q&A event or virtual session.
  • While there isn't video or audio in an event that is designated as a Text Chat, members can share text, images, video links, and emojis in All Member Chat.
  • If you turn off All Member Chat, the messages will not be erased. The messages will reappear if you later turn All Member Chat back on.

Updated July 2022

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