To create a fully-formatted article, navigate to Articles and select the + button in the upper right corner to create a new article.

From the web, you can also choose the option to "Expand to full post" when you're creating a simple post from the box at the top of the feed.


Within the post editor you can add photos, embed videos and add file attachments (individual files are limited to 25mb each). Watch the video below to see a tour of how it all works.



Format text

Highlight text that you’ve written in the full post editor to adjust the formatting, add a header or create links.



Add rich media



Add a published article to your Featured or Welcome Section

On the web, you can use the three dot menu in the upper right corner to pin a published post to your Welcome Section or your Featured Section.

Manage or reorder the posts in each of these sections by going to Host Management > Content.



Access drafts of your posts

When you're creating an article on the web, the post form will auto-save any drafts you're working on before they are published. To access your drafts on the web, just click on Drafts from the navigation dashboard in the upper right corner. You can also share a link to a draft with another Host by navigating to Drafts, opening up the draft of a post and copying the full URL in your browser.

One important note on drafts: While you can always edit your own post after it has been published, updates made while editing an already published post will not be auto-saved in drafts.


Choose whether or not you want to notify all members about your post

If you are a Host, every time you add a new post, question, poll or event, you have the opportunity to also send a notification to all of your members about the new content you just added. 

After you hit "Add Post," you'll be prompted to choose whether or not you want to let everyone know about your new post.


If you choose not to send a notification, your post will simply show up in the feed and members will find it via search or in the Topic you've assigned the post to.