How Can I Find and Organize My Topics?

Before Spaces, there were two types of Topics: Network Topics and Topics in Groups and Courses.

Network Topics were listed in the Left Navigation Panel and were for your overall Mighty Network. Every member had access to them and you were able to assign an image and description to them.

Group and Course Topics were only inside of Groups and Courses and only the members of those Spaces had access to them.

How Topics Transitioned


Before the transition to Spaces, we offered Hosts the option to choose how their Network Topics transitioned in Spaces: as Spaces, as hashtags or both.

If you didn’t make that decision beforehand, then your Topics haven’t gone away, they just transitioned as hashtags. You can find them as Highlighted Hashtags in your new Home Space. by simply clicking into the new Home Space’s search bar or starting to type a hashtag in a comment, post or more.

All Topics inside Groups and Courses became Highlighted Hashtags as well. To find them, simply move your cursor to the search bar inside of the Space, or by starting to type in a comment, post or more.


We chose to transition our Network level as well as Group and Course level Topics in Mighty Community as hashtags.


Here is how they show in the search bars for the new Home Space:

And in our Course Community Design Accelerator:

How Do I Re-Organize My Hashtags?

You may want to change things now depending on how you chose your Network-level Topics to transition or how you want to organize your hashtags inside of Groups and Courses (now Spaces). Good news, you have options!


Create a New Space for Your Topics

Previously, you could brand your Topics with their own images and colors, so there was a sense that they were their own area people could post to.

If you'd like to restore that kind of experience, you can create unlimited Spaces—so you can create a Space for as many Topics as you'd like.


Here's how you can do that:

  1. Create Spaces for each Group Topic you want.

  2. Use our new feature (see screenshot below) to move all of the hashtagged posts from your Group Space into the new Topic Space you created.

  3. Repeat as necessary.

  4. If you'd like, you can create a Collection and move all of these Spaces into that Collection.

  5. Add those new Topic Spaces to the Plan that members joined to gain access to the Group, so they can access these new Spaces too.

You can use this to easily move all posts, or all posts with a given hashtag, from one Space to another. This saves lots of time if you are looking to get your hashtagged topic discussions into their own Spaces.

Presto! Your Group will now be a batch of Spaces, where people can have more structured and directed conversations in whatever way you'd like them to.

Keep them as Highlighted Hashtags

You can keep them Highlighted Hashtags which will appear whenever your members search within the Space, or whenever they start to type a hashtag. If they click on one of the hashtags in the search bar or on a post, they will see the search results for the hashtag.



Highlighted Hashtag List

If you choose to keep them as highlighted hashtags, then you can easily toggle on the feature “Highlighted Hashtag List” that will show a list of the highlighted hashtags in that Space.

To turn the feature on, go to the gear icon > Features > Highlighted Hashtag List.

Once you toggle the feature on, you will be able to select “Manage” which will allow you to rename the feature to anything you’d like (even Topics!)


The feature is available on web and mobile. The feature will appear alongside others within the Space like Chat, Discovery, etc., and when clicked will show a list of all the highlighted hashtags in the Space. 

Important note: The Feed feature will also need to be on in the Space.


What About My Old Topic Images?

Good news! You can download the titles, descriptions, and images for your old Network, Course, and Group Topics. Head to your Network Settings > Welcome to Spaces to find the link to download.


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