How Do I Use Hashtags in My Mighty Network?

You can use hashtags in a Quick Post, Chat message, Article, and comment on web or mobile! Simply start by typing a “#” followed by text, similar to how hashtags work on other platforms. You can also use multiple hashtags to tag the same content!


Hashtags can contain letters, numbers or the underscore character but they can’t contain other special characters (like “&” or “$” etc…) or extra spaces.

As you’re typing the hashtag, we’ll show you a dropdown to surface existing available hashtags. The first 10 that show will be the highlighted hashtags.


If you want to create your own, you can simply keep typing to create a new hashtag.


Searching for Hashtags

After clicking a hashtag, search results will show all content across the Mighty Network that contains that hashtag. If the tagged content exists within a Space where you don’t have access, the content will not appear in the list.

You can also get to search results for a hashtag across all Spaces by clicking on search in a Space, clicking the highlighted hashtag, and then at the top of the list of results, de-selecting the Space filter to Search All Spaces.



Highlighted Hashtags

Topics inside of previous Groups and Courses (now Spaces) have transitioned to highlighted hashtags. When you start typing a hashtag or click into the search bar, there you will see pre-selected options for you. This is what we call highlighted hashtags. 


The first 10 highlighted hashtags will be visible to you, but there may be more! Select “See All” for a full list of highlighted hashtags in a Space.

Highlighted Hashtag List

Your Host may have turned on a Highlighted Hashtag List for a Space that will appear alongside others within the Space like Chat, Discovery, etc., and when clicked will show a list of all the highlighted hashtags in the Space. They may have even renamed it something like Topics! 


Clicking on each item in the list, will show the search results for that hashtag.


With this update, we have given Hosts much more flexibility, so be sure to reach out to your Host to learn more about how they have set things up for you and your fellow members!

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