Why Does My Mighty Network Look Different?

You may have noticed some changes lately inside of your Mighty Network!

Our team has been hard at work building out a fresh new way of creating and navigating a Mighty Network, called Spaces

It’s the same Mighty Network that you know and love with tons more features for your Host to engage with you and your members.

Check out the video below to learn more about the changes!


What’s hasn't changed for you as a member?

Great question! Here's what you need to know if you’re a member of a Mighty Network:

👉 All the things you’re currently able to do in your Mighty Network, you’ll still be able to do in Spaces.

👉 Any previous access to Groups and Courses or any plans that you were on. 

👉 Any of your notification settings

👉 Your permissions inside of Groups and Courses, ie: if you were a Course Host or Moderator, you will retain your permissions inside of that new Space and become a Space Host or Moderator.

What happened to Topics?

Topics at the Network Level were either turned into new Spaces or made into hashtags. This was a decision that we offered to Hosts, so check with your Host to see which option they chose and where you can find the content now. If your Host chose Spaces (and you didn’t actively hide the previous Topic) then you will automatically become a member of that new Space.

Topics inside of Groups and Courses were converted to highlighted hashtags in the same Space. Your Host may have decided to move them into new Spaces or organize them in a different way, so be sure to reach out to them and ask!

How can I organize my left hand navigation?

You will see that we have given your Hosts a lot more options on how to organize the left hand navigation! The groupings are called Collections and inside of Collections are Spaces. Your Host will determine the order of how they will appear to you, but you can collapse the Collections by selecting the arrow next to them. When you log back in, we will remember your preference and they will remain collapsed. 

What do the numbers, pulsing circle and bold mean on the Spaces?

Each Space has activity indicators to help let you know when there is new activity in the Space.

Here are the new indicators and what they mean:

The pulsing circle is visible if you are a new member of a Space until it is dismissed (by clicking "Got It").

The number indicates new chat messages.

The bold and half circles indicate other new activity (e.g., new posts and interactions).

If you have seen the content in the Global Feed, the activity indicator won't clear from the Space unless you also view the content inside of the Space it was posted in.

How has the Activity Feed changed now?

Check out this article to learn more

Can I leave a Space?

We suggest connecting with your Host beforehand so that they can advise you of the best way to leave a Space. If they suggest doing so, then you can leave a Space by selecting the three dot menu > Leave. 

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