How Do My Mighty Insights Change with Spaces?

With the transition to Spaces, we are also updating your Mighty Insights! Highlights include new Dashboards for the Table of Contents, Events, and Page Space Features.

Here's an overview of all the updates:

You now see two buttons at the top of Insights for two different sets of Dashboards. 

  • All Network includes Dashboards for Network-wide features like Private Chat and Plans
  • Space Features shows Dashboards for each of the Space Features you can turn on in a Space like Feed and Events
  • All Dashboards except Overview have filters for the date range.
  • All Space Features Dashboards and the Livetreams Dashboard have filters for viewing data for all Spaces combined or per Space.

The All Network Dashboards that have been updated are Livestreams and Private Chat:

  • Livestreams
    • Now has a filter for Spaces
  • Private Chat
    • No longer includes data for All Member Chat (this data now appears on the Chat Dashboard in the Space Features Dashboards)

The Space Features Dashboards include many updates!

  • Chat
    • Includes data for the Chat Space Feature, such as the number of chat messages sent and Top Chat Message Senders
  • Feed
    • Includes data for the Feed Space Feature, including post (Quick Posts, Articles, Polls, Questions) and interaction (Comments, Cheers) data, similar to what was previously on the Content Dashboard
  • Table of Contents
    • Includes data for the Table of Contents Space Feature, including member interaction and completion data for Sections and Lessons

  • Events
    • Includes data for the Events Space Feature, such as interactions on Events and Top Events by engagement
  • Page
    • Includes data for the Page Space Feature, such as the number of views, Comments, and Cheers
    • Data on which members interacted with the Page is coming!

  • Members
    • Includes data for the Members Space Feature, similar to what was previously on the Content Dashboard.
  • Discovery
    • Data is coming!

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