How Do I Manage My Collections?

You can easily manage your Collections such as reordering, renaming and more!

How to Access Collections Settings

To access Collections settings, you can click into the Collection > gear icon

Or go to Network Settings > Spaces and Collections > View Collections > select the three dot menu next to the Collection > Settings.

You can also access the settings by clicking the three dot menu next to the Collection > Settings:

Collection Details

Collection Details is where you can add or rename a Collection, add a tagline and easily delete a Collection or hide it.

Hiding Collections allows you to decide if the Collection is visible on the left navigation panel to people who haven't joined at least one Space within it. Network Hosts and moderators will see all Collections. This does not affect the privacy settings of any Space within the Collection.

Posts from public Spaces in hidden Collections will still appear in the Global Feed, if it's enabled. Spaces in hidden Collections can also still appear in the Global Discovery if enabled. If you would like the Spaces to be truly hidden, then you would want to update the privacy setting for the Space

Some use cases for hiding Collections could be as a staging area for working on Spaces that aren't ready yet to be visible by all members. Or you could create a Collection that is just for Hosts and moderators that has Spaces that help you coordinate running the Mighty Network. The possibilities are endless!

Reorder Spaces

This will allow you to drag and drop the order of Spaces within a Collection.

View List of Spaces

This will show you the list of all the Spaces within the Collection.

Reorder Spaces in a Collection

As you create Collections, you may want to reorder how they appear to members in the left hand navigation. To reorder them, go to Network Settings > Spaces and Collections > Reorder Collections.

From there, you can drag and drop the Spaces in the order you want them to appear in the Collection:

You can also select the three dot menu on the Collection and move it to the Top or Bottom:

Delete a Collection

If you need to delete a Collection, you can do so in Collection Settings or select the three dot menu next to the Collection > delete.

Share a Collection

You can share a direct link to a Collection by selecting the three dot menu > Share.

The link will land members at the view of all the Spaces in the Collection:

Collections do not have privacy settings (public, private, secret, paid) but the Spaces in a Collection do. If you would like to sell access to Spaces in a Collection, check out the article “Can I Charge for Space Access in My Mighty Network?

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