How Do I Invite Members to a Space?

You have a few options!

At the top of the Space, you can click the “+” icon > Invite.

You can also select the three dot menu of the Space > Invite.

Or there is an invite button inside Manage or inside of Space Members.

This is where you can also manage your sent invites as well.

Once you've sent out an invite, your invitees will automatically get up to three email reminders from our system. These invite reminders go out after 3, 10, and 30 days.

You can invite members via email or by @mention.


Auto Join Spaces

If you have public Spaces, you can choose to auto-join members to those Spaces by selecting "Auto Join". This will automatically add all current and future members of your Mighty Network to this Space. Neither Hosts nor members will receive notifications for Auto Join Space and members can leave a Space at any time.

Auto join Spaces will also not appear on plans.

Invites will act according to the privacy settings of the Space.

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