When Will Everyone Get Spaces?

Spaces is the new way Networks on Mighty are structured. It brings content, courses, commerce, and community together in a brand new way—all the necessary components of cultural software. 

It’s going to be rolled out to all Networks on Mighty starting on December 8th, 2022. 

To see a Mighty Network transition to Spaces in real time, check out the article “How Will My Mighty Network Transition to Spaces?”

On December 8th, What's Not Changing on Mighty?

Great question! Here's what you need to know if you’re already hosting a Network on Mighty and wondering what will be changing.

👉 All the things you’re currently able to do in your Mighty Network, you’ll still be able to do in Spaces. Only now, you’ll have much more flexibility.

 👉 Mighty has always been the only place where you can build without limits—unlimited members and unlimited Hosts. And that's not changing! If you're on a premium plan when we roll out Spaces on December 8th, you'll have unlimited Spaces.

👉 We're not changing our prices or plan tiers with this release. And if we do and you're already on a premium plan, we'll honor that legacy pricing. 

 👉 Mighty is still the only platform where you can create culture with your members on iOS and Android—and upgrade to your own branded apps with Mighty Pro when you're ready!

Now that you're anchored in what's not changing, let's help you get ready for what's to come. 

Prep for Cultural Software

Luckily, there's very little prep needed on your part! We're doing everything we can to make this as "no action required" as needed. 

Your content will be seamlessly migrated. Courses and Groups will become Spaces, and you can adjust from there. 

We put together a Spaces Checklist— it has an FAQ and a short checklist you can work through to start planning for all the possibilities. 


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