How Do Topics Transition in Spaces

If you’re an existing Mighty Networks Host, your Network is going to transition to Spaces on December 8th. 

When it does, hashtags and Spaces are replacing Topics.

Before December 8th, you can select what to do with the content in your Network-level Topics by going to Network Settings > Spaces Migration.

You will have three options:

  • Topics Become Spaces
  • Topic Content is Hashtagged
  • Both

If you select Topic Content is Hashtagged, the content in all your Topics will remain in your Home Space (formerly the main Network) and will include a hashtag matching the name of the Topic it was previously assigned.

If you select Topics Become Spaces, the content in each Topic will migrate to individual Spaces and will no longer be part of the Home Space.

If you select Both, the content within each Topic will migrate to individual Spaces and it will include a hashtag matching the name of the Topic it was previously assigned.

Note: If Topics migrate to Spaces then the images will convert to the Space’s primary image and the description will convert to the Space's description (up to 10,000 characters). The features that will be on in the new Space will be Feed and Members. If they're converted to hashtags, then the image and description will be removed.

If you don't choose anything, your Topics will be hashtagged by default.

Group and Course Topics

Hashtags are replacing Topics in Groups and Courses. After migration, content in these Topics will include a hashtag matching the name of the Topic it was previously assigned. Group and Course Topics will lose their Topic images and descriptions.

Which option should I choose?

Hashtags and Spaces play different roles in your Network.

Hashtags can help categorize content and make it easily discoverable in Search. You can use and search a hashtag in a single Space or across different Spaces (not including Secret, Private, or Paid Spaces a member doesn’t have access to). You can also add multiple hashtags to content.

Spaces enable a group of members to gather for a common purpose. Spaces can have their own feed, members list, and other Space features. Hosts decide who can post in a Space: everyone or just Hosts and Moderators. 

Spaces also appear in the left-hand navigation.

When considering how to migrate your Topics, take inventory of how you use them today.

If you use Topics for categorization, then choose “Topics Content is Hashtagged.”

If you use Topics like Groups, then choose “Topics Become Spaces”.

If you have some Topics you would like to migrate to hashtags and others you’d like to migrate to Spaces, then choose “Both”. 

Here’s an example scenario:

I have Topics called “Peer Coaching” and “Coaching”.

I want “Coaching” to become a Space and “Peer Coaching” to become a hashtag, then I want to move all the #peer_coaching posts to the Coaching Space. How do I do that?

In this case, you would select the Both option. After migration move all the #peer_coaching posts to the “Coaching” Space. After the posts are moved, delete the “Peer Coaching” Space.

If you don’t want the “Coaching” Space posts to have the hashtag #coaching on them, then you can delete it from each post.

What happens to Host-only Topics?

Host-only Topics will transition the same way as your other Topics. They will keep the permission setting of “Only Hosts and Moderators” are allowed to post.

How does a member’s previous choice to follow or hide a Topic affect what they see after the migration?

If a Topic becomes a Space, all Network members will be added to that Space, except members who previously hid the Topic. All Network Hosts and moderators will have the same role in each Topic Space.

If a Topic becomes a hashtag only, all Network members will see content with that hashtag in the Home Space, even if they previously hid the Topic.

What happens to the name of a Topic if it has characters in it and I choose for it to be a hashtag?

Hashtags can contain letters (from the Latin alphabet), numbers or the underscore character. They cannot contain other special characters, punctuation, or spaces (all of which will be stripped). For instance, if you have a Topic called "Best Friends!" it will show up as #BestFriends.

The one exception is the "&" character, which will be automatically converted to the word "and" (for example, a Topic called "This & That" will become #ThisAndThat).Hashtags respect capitalization, so you can create a hashtag in the following format if desired: #MyAwesomeLife. Hashtags can only be up to 35 characters or less, so any longer Topic names will be truncated if they become hashtags.

If a Topic contains only special characters (includingonlynumbers without letters), punctuation or emojis, it will be skipped and not hashtagged (though it can still become a Space if either the "Spaces" or "Both" migration option is chosen).

What happens to my Topic images and descriptions?

Your Topic images and descriptions will be available to download in a csv file as soon as your Mighty Network transitions. The settings transition page will turn to the page that offer this download in your Network Settings. 

They will download as a csv file that will contain the Topic Name, Topic description and image, as well as the name of the Network/Group/Course it used to reside in. Additionally it will also include the urls to the Spaces for Network Topics that were chosen to convert to Spaces.

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