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Does Mighty Networks have Language Localization?
Updated over a week ago

We don’t have full language localization, meaning some defaults aren’t available in languages other than English.

However, we have many non-English and even multi-lingual Mighty Networks that have leveraged the ability to customize their Mighty Networks in some pretty fantastic ways!

You can rename your Network, Collections, Spaces, and the Features within them to be whatever you’d like.

So for a Spanish Network, that might mean you want to use terms like Talleres, Chat Comunal, Grupos Cercanos, Miembros…etc where the same community in English would have Workshops, Community Chat, Local Groups, and Members.

It’s not full language localization but it gets you 85% of the way there—and to address the defaults you can customize a quick welcome video can help explain to members who may not be familiar with English exactly what things like “Personal Settings” means. You can also show them how to use the Google translate extension to automatically translate any default in a Mighty Network to hundreds of different languages.

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